This series of doodles I dedicate to my right eye and my right hand man Nicholai, for he is special.

Many family and friends donated art and money for my right eye surgeries.

These drawings I've been donating to help with other people's emergencies.

The Superadvanced Kittens have travelled straight from the sacred realm of the mystics...beyond light speed...across time and space... searching for ways to enhance life...for the glory of all creatures big and small...within and without ... they will never rest ... they know not of sleep...they are tender...their claws are sharp...yet they cut only through real...

Most are drawn with Marks-a-lot and Sharpie pens on 24x36" poster board - all work copyright Michael P. Murnane 2011 - Inquire if you wish to aquire-   click images to enlarge

Some of the cast of kitten characters....all have special powers for real
Troll Kitty: Keeper of the Roots of Time
Flesh Kitty: Of this earth and on this earth
Shadow Kitty: Comes to help you face your fears
Fire Kitty: Helper of the burning desires
Ghost Kitty: Communes with the dying
Stealth Kitty: Runs amongst the Unknown Realms
Tree Kitty: Travels amonst the roots and branches
Cloud Kittens: Lords of the skies
Flesh Monkey: Storyteller of the Transitional States
Smoke Kitties: Buddies of the Fire Kitties
Fire Kitties: Keepers of the Flames
Elemental Kitties: Holders of the Realm Keys
Love Kitty: Being of The Total Lovings
The Mural of Kittens in the Clouds....Where the kittens conspire
A Father Kitten lets the truth out....

The Love Smothering Moment
The kittens can dream of their evolution (Sold)
Superadvanced inventions have arrived to assist the kittens...
The Kitties in the Grass Journey to the Monkey Tree (sold)
Acrylic/ink on board

Portrait1 - Space Kitty in the Clouds (sold)

Kitties can transform into other entities...Maybe a Man-Kitty (sold)
Owl+Shadow Kitty...a powerful teamup
Doggy Kitty....confusing yet thunderous
Kitty complainer guy
The family ride
Lost in the wiggles is Kitty McKittles
Lady Bob of the Kitten Hair....another protector of kittens

Some Human Kittens for some balance yes?

The Kittens ride The Wave of Extreme Energosities to save Kitten-Castle Island from the terror of Duckzilla (half duck - half Godzilla)

A rare Horse Kitty in cosmic transition, hence the Flesh Monkey...who, "usually appears to engage transitional states", Says The Ceremonial Sage Writings of the Superadvanced
The day the Wiggle Knee Clown presented the kittens with the egg of knowledge....what a day.....
Strange creatures may appear in the clouds
A general portrait of some cat
The Grass kitty caught in an eye dream...
Love Kitty Extreme Love Prayer Ceremony (sold)

A Basil Wolverton inspired piece
The Last Portal of the Kitty Creamery (sold)
Father kitten in one of those "mankitty moods"
The human men do not seem to get it
Can you catch a ghost may never know
The Dark Lord of the Vampire Kittens

The all Powerful Flesh Kitty....

Dedicated to Nicholai ...the boy who has passed 2012